إذا أردت السعادة القصوى في حياتك عليك أن تلتزم بعدة قواعد بجدية بالغة أهمها أن لا تخدع أو تستغل من يحبك دون مقابل لأنك لو فعلت ذلك لن تجد ...


Jamiu Abiola is a linguist with a genuine love for the world and diversity of languages. He became a writer and wrote his first book, Realistic Hopes in Arabic before translating it to English. He sees writing as a means to give back to society, by providing moral lessons that, to him, will help any society, in the global village, find its bearings.

His mission is not to condemn and criticize, it is simply to strengthen and solidify the interest of any individual to see his or her internal light, through hard work and realistic hopes, in order to be able to move towards the light that has been placed at the end of everybody's tunnel.

To understand his passion for literature, you must first understand his interest and passion in languages, something that came to life after an experience at the age of 9, that changed his life forever.