إذا أردت السعادة القصوى في حياتك عليك أن تلتزم بعدة قواعد بجدية بالغة أهمها أن لا تخدع أو تستغل من يحبك دون مقابل لأنك لو فعلت ذلك لن تجد ...



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The Stolen Presidency is an intriguing personal account of an unprecedented African political tragedy that cost both my parents their lives during their attempt to regain my father's stolen presidency. This book, a more detailed version of the Nigerian bestseller "The President Who Never Ruled", presents stunning details of the aftermath of an election won by Nigeria's telecommunications mogul Moshood Abiola. It is a book about pain, a book about sacrifice and a book about resilience.   

The Stolen Presidency, aside from that, examines how ethnic divisions and personal greed paved the way for the birth of the most oppressive regime in Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, leading to the country's moral and financial bankruptcy. It is also a book that analyzes the actions of dictators from the eyes of their victims who, in most cases in the Third World, never see justice at the end of their predicament, even after the demise of their oppressors

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