إذا أردت السعادة القصوى في حياتك عليك أن تلتزم بعدة قواعد بجدية بالغة أهمها أن لا تخدع أو تستغل من يحبك دون مقابل لأنك لو فعلت ذلك لن تجد ...



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Realistic Hopes is a book about hope, hard work and survival in the challenging world of young third world democracies.

Musa and his mother, Samia, the protagonists used to represent a large number of people in this world who are forced to live from hand to mouth in a life void of dreams and aspirations, geared towards basic survival till Musa one day, through a stroke of luck, coupled with his strong and persistent academic performance, landed a key political appointment. Rather than becoming comfortable with his new status, he decides to challenge the entire system by trying to reform his country from within. He also declares his love for a woman from the richest family in Egypt and tries to marry her, stepping on powerful toes and making strong enemies, even from within his own family, putting his life and that of his mother at stake.

Are his hopes for his country and love life realistic? You will find all the answers in this captivating romantic and political thriller that is full of proverbs.


“As an author myself, I can easily appreciate the discipline and commitment that have gone into the production of this work. The theme of Hope and its critical place in human life and living is very well extolled in your book. And I am by the book confirmed in my assertion that once Hope is taken out of life and living, human being becomes living dead or living corpse.”

– Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

“I read the book 'Realistic Hopes' and I found it very insightful, well written and 'unputdownable'. It is so impressive that your deep understanding of the Arabic language and culture has enabled you to capture the Egyptian society so easily and vastly. I hope that you will extend your literary works to other societies whose languages you have mastered as well.”

– Mr. Aliko Dangote GCON

Forbes Richest Man in Africa

 “It is our utmost pleasure to recommend the book "Realistic Hopes" as essential material that should be read by all those seeking to be more enlightened about the multi-faceted challenges facing many people in the developing world in general and Africa in particular. The book does not only point out and expose the many faces of social and economical inequalities in Africa, it goes a step further to offer a panacea and remedy to many of' these problems, as well as other social ills in a simplified way that is easy for any reader to comprehend and enjoy reading.” 

 –  Alhaji Habib Abba Jato
​National Librarian/CEO National Library of Nigeria