إذا أردت السعادة القصوى في حياتك عليك أن تلتزم بعدة قواعد بجدية بالغة أهمها أن لا تخدع أو تستغل من يحبك دون مقابل لأنك لو فعلت ذلك لن تجد ...



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How would you feel if you worked hard for something and finally earned it but someone refuses to give it to you and gives it to someone else? Something whose value you know more than them because you want to use it to improve the lives of everyone, even those who want to keep it away from you. Should you fight for your right or would you rather trade it away as if it never meant anything to you?   

The President Who Never Ruled, a novel based on the true life story of my father, Moshood Abiola, provides the answers to this difficult question. The novel reveals the interesting path taken by a young man, born into poverty, and how it led to great wealth, providing a powerful lesson on how you can hold onto dreams, even when you find yourself going against the odds.   

By the time the protagonist is elected the president of Nigeria, his life and that of my mother turn into a nightmare because people, who are much more powerful than them, succeed in snatching his presidential dream away. It is at this point that the novel delivers its final and most important lesson, which is how you can hold on to the truth and why you must never let it go because the truth is the foundation of justice and justice is the foundation of everything.

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